Meet Rev. Langeni

Originally from South Africa, the Rev. Phiwa [pronounced PEE-wah] Langeni is passionate about helping people understand that different doesn’t have to be dangerous.

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Mind Your Identities™

Mind Your Identities™ builds on Rev. Langeni’s theory that active attentiveness to the powers and privileges that accompany one’s identities disrupts the various -isms that plague society.

Trans 201: Beyond the Binary

Sign up to explore and discover nuanced ways of radically shifting culture in some of the simplest and most meaningful ways. Let’s (re)commit to leaving the binary in our computers where it belongs!

FALL 2023
No Justice? Know Peace!

If you’re someone who struggles to figure out how to sustainably position yourself with the rapidly changing and increasingly unjust state of the world, you would do well to take this course.

FALL 2023

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