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devotions faith ministry Jul 02, 2021
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Jesus replied, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. – John 6:35 (CEB)

The backyard pond I inherited is the best thought detangler and distractor. The dozen or so goldfish playfully weave themselves between each other and the aquatic flora decorating and oxygenating their home. Amongst the fish and plants, I’ve discovered three frogs that also hang out in and around the pond. Sometimes they’re sunbathing on the ledge of a rock or, my favorite, floating with relaxed limbs in the water with just their bubble-like eyes above the surface.

The internet quenched my additional curiosities about frogs. For example, did you know that frogs don’t drink water? Instead, they hydrate by absorbing the water they need through their skin. Because of this, their environment is crucial for their health. It’s important for them to be near clean water. If the water is dirty or has too much salt, that could be dangerous or even fatal for the frog.

My latest ponderments have me wondering about the various ways we humanfolk satisfy our thirsts. Beyond regularly drinking an appropriate amount of water, how are we intentionally cocreating environments that support and sustain the various levels of health for ourselves and the world around us? How are we bettering the many forms of life in our care? What unexpected discoveries invite us into frivolous curiosity and restorative rest?

Indeed, may these enigmatic amphibians and the world around them plunge us more deeply into faithful engagements with and in ours.

Oh, that we might be purposefully quenched by your living waters! Whether tending or being tended to, embolden us to satiate your desire for a just world for all.

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