Words are the Rev. Langeni's favorite medium for creating art and possibility. Though they have not yet published their own standalone body of work, they've been featured in other people’s works. Most recently as a contributing member of the United Church of Christ Still Speaking Writers’ Group, whose primary resource is the United Church of Christ's Daily Devotionals. 

In their own words:

Words are my art! I love how they taste in my mouth and how they feel falling off my tongue and into the atmosphere. I play with my words as creatively as kids play with icky peas on their dinner plates, finding new shapes and ways of arranging them into tolerable and sometimes enjoyable bites.

It’s more than just words. I’m intrigued by the way people choose to communicate in various settings and through different media. Language and communication inform and are informed by the environments that formed us. The more my curiosity reveals, the better I’m able to connect with people wherever they are.

My English is multilingual. My vast educational endeavors and bizarre life experiences allow me to speak and listen in ways others find most comfortable.

Theology. Technology. Race & ethnicity. Gender & sexuality. Religion & spirituality. Formal writing complete with paragraphs, Oxford commas, and single spaces after the period. Catchy turns of phrases from Beyoncé and ’em. I’m here for all of it!

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